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We travel far to bring you the highest standards

// We believe in people, in family and in strong, honest and reliable personal relations. This is how we live our lives, and this is how we do business. Our partners and customers become our friends, our friends become our family. We strive to maintain long term business connections based on loyalty, trust and true partnership.

This is our philosophy //


Danny Rosenfeld

Founder & CEO

About Us

Danor-Danex International Trading was established in 1992 by Danny Rosenfeld. We import and export juice and fruit ingredients to and from all over the world, making sure we provide the best quality and service for our customers. 


We offer all the Fruit and Vegetables by-products you can think of: Concentrates, Bases, Cloudy products, Purees, Pulpwash, 

Pulp cells, Comminuted, Single strength juices (NFC).

Countries of Origin

Oranges from Israel, Apricots from Spain, Acai from Brazil, Lychee from China, Pineapples from Costa Rica - every country in the world is the best at something. We’re the best at finding it, and bringing it to you.


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